About the Branch                    
Bristol Rural Branch is the name given to a group of church Bellringers.
The objectives of the branch are similar to the objectives of the Association to which we belong:-
1. To promote the ringing of bells for divine service.
2. To practise ringing to obtain a higher standard of ringing.
3. To educate the general public in the art and science of change ringing.
4. To bring together the members of the branch for the improvement of ringing.

                  Bristol Rural Branch is one of the twelve branches making up the

                 'Gloucester and Bristol Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers'

The Association geographically  covers an area from Bristol City  branch in the South to North Cotswold branch in the North,  the Forest Branch (Forest of Dean) in the West to Cirencester in the East. Locally this means we have towers from Bitton in the East to Olveston in the West
Filton in the South to Tytherington in the North, click here to see a map of the area
we cover. Bristol Rural has  twenty one towers, of these eighteen are ringable. with two that are currently un-ringable, these can be seen in the practice night pages, which are selectable by the buttons on your left or going to the branch map and selecting individual towers.
The branch comprises of ringers from all the  towers who are members of the above association by paying an annual fee.
The branch members elect a small committee at the Annual General Meeting which takes place in November each year to administer the
needs of the branch members. For details on the current committee click here

If you would like to see the current membership numbers please click here

The Branch has an active program which can be accessed by using the buttons on your left.

These pages cover most of the activities in which the branch participates throughout the ringing year.
Please take a few minutes to look at the pages and see what happens in the Rural Branch.
We hope that they are useful and informative to both Branch members and other ringers from other associations.

If you see any obvious errors I am sure they can be quickly corrected so do let us know using the email feature included.

Once again Welcome to Bristol Rural Branch and above all enjoy your ringing
The Rural Branch Web site is administered by Tony York the 'Bristol Rural Branch' Secretary. 

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