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2020  Abbotts Leigh Poster click Many Thanks to Julie Scudamore for the team pictures.
The Competition took place on a very stormy day, however lots of people turned up and eight teams
took part. Tea Coffee and cake were dispensed all afternoon, the judges Gen Taylor of Abbotts Leigh
and Anthony Cox of Backwell officiated and the winning team was Coalpit Heath who will represent the
branch at the Croome Trophy, with Frampton Cotterell second.
A good afternoon was had by All.
And the Teams.
2020 Coalpit Heath

should have a picture of the Dyrham Ringers but only have three
Ringers,so did not put it in.

Below the Certificate given to all the competing teams for 2020,
It was suggested to the teams that they wrote the team members
names on the back so it would be known who took part this year?


2019 Caldicot  For the poster click
Pictures of some of the teams, not necessarily in the order they rang!

The Winners 2019 Coalpit Heath with the enhanced trophy recently
updated by Brian Angell with a new base plinth to give more space for the
coming years!

The results 2019 as follows:
The scores given by the judges were:
Coalpit Heath – 7 ˝ faults
Westerleigh – 10 faults
Tytherington – 13 faults
Thornbury – 16 faults
Iron Acton/Winterbourne – 20 faults
Dyrham – 26 faults
Frampton Cotterell – 29 faults
Bitton – 34 faults
Ada’s band – 41 faults.


2018 Queen Charlton
Poster Click
 17th March 2018
Congratulations to Dyrham winners of the Bristol Rural Striking Competition.
Dyrham 18 faults
Westerleigh 20 faults
Ladies Scratch 20 faults
Frampton B 26˝ faults
Bitton 34 faults
Frampton A 35 faults
It was a cold day, luckily we booked the Church hall where delicious cakes and hot drinks were served.  It was disappointing that more teams didn’t enter or more up & coming ringers didn’t come along for the social and experience.
The judges David Parfrey, Corston, Nick Field and Josh Jones, Bath Abbey found that the ringing was very good on what they considered a deceptive 6.
Some of their comments were:
Bitton had the best rounds of the day

Dyrham set a fast pace which worked well for them and had a good treble.

Westerleigh set a slower pace which helped the band and were very good

Frampton A swapped partway through on a fairly slow pace but Frampton B set a quicker pace but had slips and trips because of this.

And finally ‘Girls just like to have fun’ they liked the fact that we enjoyed ringing and laughed all the way through which for me is what ringing is all about.

I would like to thank Matt for organising the competition, the Ladies who helped with the teas, Tony for standing in for Linda and everyone who supported the afternoon. 

Thank you, Sue Elliott
Ringing Master

Note the teams are not in the order they rang, neither did I get pictures of the Frampton B and the Bitton Ladies teams!!

The Certificate awarded to all teams who entered except the winner where it says "First Place"

2017 Grittleton
The 2017 Striking Competition was held at Grittleton out of branch in Chippemham branch on the 18th of March 2017.
For an article see the April 2017 Newsletter. This year won by Westerleigh.
A couple of points I have  interchanged Bitton A and B, One team did not arrive.

The Certificate awarded to all towers and teams that entered the competition in 2017

2016 Compton Dando
Pictures for the 2016 Striking Competition at Compton Dando another year when we swapped towers, for an article on the
competition see the April 2016 Newsletter click
The pictures are in the order the teams rang in the competition, Iam afraid no picture though of the Pucklechurch team as the
picture did not seem to get taken?

There would have been a picture of Pucklechurch here, but I am afraid it
did not appear?











Alan Coombs accepts the Rural Branch Trophy for Mangotsfield from Rurh Beavin the judge for 2016.










2016 is the 40th anniiversary of the trophy made by Brian Angell being presened for the first time. The winners of the first presentation of the trophy were Warmley Tower.
The members of the tower in the picture are L to R.
Tony Gibbs, Bill Lampard, Myra Gibbs, Ken Weeks, Rita Lampard, Phillip Hicks.
The Striking Competition in 1976 was at Cromhall.







2015 Corston Unfortunatley we had to cancel the competition at Compton Dando due to a very late telephone call to say there was
a wedding scheduled for 14.00. Article on the afternoon in the April Newsletter Click published on the 28th March.

Finally the Bitton team whose photo was taken out of order, they rang 9th.

 The Judges not deliberating!









Delivering Coffee and cake to the judges.









Waiting around 13 teams takes quite a long time?









Nicki and Robert our judges for the day present the Rural Branch trophy to Johnathan Storey collecting the trophy for Tytherington, who won by one fault from Westerleigh ( Johnathan rang with the Tytherington team but the rest  of the team had to leave for farming activities)

Thats the pictures for 2015, after the move from Compton Dando
it was a well organised and successful afternoon.








Certificate awarded to all towers who entered the Competition.

Saturday March 15th
See April 2014 Newsletter

Once again a striking competition is over for 2014.
Well done to all who took part and came along and supported a great afternoon!

The certificate presented to all the teams who entered today.













Saturday March 16th
For an article on the afternoon see the April 2013 newsletter

Certificate awarded to all towers who entered in 2013

I do not seem for some reason to have a picture of the Scratch team!
Below further pictures of the afternoon.

Saturday March 17th

Many Thanks to Ray Haines from Midsomer Norton and his wife for being our judges this year.
For an article on the  afternoon see the April Newsletter

The 2012 Certificate presented to all the teams  who entered.

2011 Abbotts Leigh

Should have been a picture here of Tytherington but due to the clapper falling out of the three and the subsequent repair we ran out of time.
The Tytherington team had to leave for farming duties. Also a picture of the ladies team which I have mislaid.

The deliberations.











You can see a full article on the competition in the April 2011 newsletter

Certificate awarded to the teams who entered.

2010 Wickwar
For an article on the striking competition go to the April 2010 Newsletter.

The certificate awarded to all the teams who entered of which there were seven.

2009 Kelston

Competition Certificate presented to all teams who entered.

2008 Marshfield
For a report see the March 2008 Newsletter

The certificate awarded to all teams who entered in 2008.


2007 Warmley
For a full report of the competition see the Rural Branch March Newsletter
The Certificate awarded to all 2007 participating towers.

2006 Wapley
To see a report by the Branch Ringing Master Steve Coleman go to the March 2006 newsletter page 2  Click here
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2005  Bitton
bitton_1.jpg (23788 bytes)bitton_2.jpg (22464 bytes)bitton_3.jpg (32805 bytes)bitton_4.jpg (26179 bytes)bitton_5.jpg (25977 bytes)Space for the Tytherington Team

2004  No Competition Due to the change of date by the G & B to the AGM date normally in April.  

2003  Alveston
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2002 Syston
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2001 Abson June 23rd 2001
Well once again the day dawned fair and stayed with us all day for a lovely summer afternoon at Abson for this years striking competition. This year there were five towers entered, two down on last year, and seven teams Thornbury entered two Black and Blue plus a scratch team.The competition commenced at 16.30 with Bitton Frampton and Coalpit Heath in the first draw followed by Westerleigh, Thornbury Blue and Thornbury black in the second draw at 17.30, followed by the scratch team Whilst this ringing was continuing the non ringers and visitors were enjoying the sunshine the friendly conversation with people they rarely meet except at a Branch event, and of course whilst this was happening the tea was being made by the pot full along with the superb spread laid out by the Abson Ladies which had been provided by all the towers and members who attended who came along.
Once again think  it can be said that those who did not put in a team or did not come along for the ringing the tea,  meeting friends or any other reason missed a superb afternoon.
Our Judge for the afternoon was Phil Weekes from over the bridge who gave a summary of the ringing from each tower and pronounced that Thornbury Black were the winners closely followed by Thornbury Blue.
Our congratulations go to Both Thornbury teams especially to Thornbury Black who will go forward to the Association Striking competition on the day of Association AGM in 2002 in Bristol.
Following are pictures I took on the day, but unfortunately I had problems with the camera flash and have had to lighten some of them digitally which you will see is not ideal.
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Finally the Captain of the winning Thornbury Black team Robin Ship receives the branch trophy from Phil Weekes, and the
successful Thornbury Team

The Rural Branch Millennium year Striking competition took place at Frampton Cotterell on June 10th. This year we had seven teams from seven separate towers enter, plus a scratch team from six of the towers. The draw took place at 17.00 which had to be slightly rigged as one team had members who had to leave early and one team which could not arrive until late and then  some members had to leave immediately afterwards, but Martin the Ringing Master managed this well without any major problems.The ringing commenced at about 17.15 and whilst the first team were ringing the rest of the assembled ringers availed them selves of the excellent tea which was being looked after by a group of willing helpers.  The proceeds of which were to be donated to Iron Acton bell and tower restoration fund.
Below are a few pictures taken on the day.

framp2.jpg (4588 bytes)bitton.jpg (14018 bytes)teatwo.jpg (14134 bytes)teathree.jif (60646 bytes)teaone.jpg (13900 bytes)teafour.jpg (14709 bytes)frampton.jpg (12905 bytes)almondsburyone.jpg (15441 bytes)coalpitheath.jpg (14448 bytes)westerleigh.jpg (13333 bytes)thornbury.jpg (18174 bytes)almondsburytwo.jpg (13194 bytes)
frenchay.jpg (13680 bytes)judges.jpg (22752 bytes)thetrophy.jpg (12622 bytes)
ringingmaster.jpg (15538 bytes)
thewinningcaptain.jpg (15702 bytes)
Bert Ferris the Tower Captain of the winning team 'Westerleigh' receives the 'Rural Branch Trophy' from Elizabeth Byrne  the wife of our other Judge Frank Byrne. Westerleigh will now represent the branch in the Croome trophy at Treddington in September.
One interesting fact, Brian Angell who made the trophy in about 1968 was in the winning team and he says it is the first time he has ever been involved in winning the trophy.
Thanks to all the teams who entered and all the people who brought along the cakes and sandwiches for  the excellent tea that was provided for us all.

1999  Dyrham

dyrham.jpg (9642 bytes)westerleighteam.jpg (21151 bytes)thornbury.jpg (19870 bytes)thornburyblue.jpg (20142 bytes)framptona.jpg (17382 bytes)framptonb.jpg (23602 bytes)bitton.jpg (19271 bytes)mangotsfield.jpg (21923 bytes)almondsbury.jpg (17761 bytes)michael.jpg (24396 bytes)waitingthree.jpg (28262 bytes)waitingtwo.jpg (25942 bytes)judging.jpg (23432 bytes)theresult.jpg (8744 bytes)


1991 Joint winners Dyrham and Coalpit Heath. ( I only found this information from Bryan Hardwick at the 2018 cream tea and practice at Dyrham. However I did not ask who represented Rural Branch in the Croome trophy. My next question)
Below found in Dyrham tower.


1976 Cromhall
2016 is the 40th anniiversary of the current trophy made by Brian Angell being presened for the first time. The winners of the first presentation of the trophy were Warmley Tower.
The members of the tower in the picture are L to R.
Tony Gibbs, Bill Lampard, Myra Gibbs, Ken Weeks, Rita Lampard, Phillip Hicks.
The Striking Competition in 1976 was at Cromhall.