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Page created  21st August 2005 to capture any pictures the branch might have to preserve the people photographs and names.
Other pictures which can be classed as history can be found under individual towers by clicking the tower name on the branch practice pages. For example go to the Abson page click here

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Abson Treble dedication service 2nd November 2008 saw a number of ringers who rang at Abson in the past who came to the service
Below we have Edward Mold Nigel Smart and Barry Angel.


                                               Bell Ringers St. James the Great, Abson. 1976
                                               A.I.R. Williams    G. Symes     G.Crocker    G. Mizen
                                               Miss L. Stowe     J.Sprules      P. Bryant       G. Sprules
Above picture in the Tower. Linda Stowe (Linda Gittings) came to the treble dedication on November 2nd

Harvest Tea September 17th 1955 at Collins Farm Abson
It's where Mary (Taylor) lives now.

There are several gaps, if you know who they are please let us know
, 1, 3 ,and 7.
Abson_Harvest_tea_1955_3.jpg (68461 bytes)
Abson_Harvest_tea_1955_4.jpg (51478 bytes)

The rededication of Frampton Cotterel bells on October the 8th 1963
   Reg Driver   Robert Drew   Albert Drew   Arthur Curtis   Arthur Nelmes
                                                    Nigel Curtis
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Alveston_Rudgeway 1956 to see all the pictures click here and report.







Westerleigh Ringers post 1950 to see the names of the people see below.
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westerleighnames.jpg (68047 bytes)

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