Millennium Ringers
This page records all the ringers who rang at Midday on January 1st 2000 in Bristol Rural Branch
Ringers with # are not ringing at their own tower but are G and B members

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Tower Abson
No of Members 4

abson.jpg (5705 bytes)
Tower Members
Robb Angela Mrs 
Tayler Mary Mrs 
Gorley Margaret Mrs 
Rogers Jenny Mrs 
Non members
Messenger Hilda Mrs #
Ware John Mr #

Tower Almondsbury
No of Members 13
almonds1.jpg (5100 bytes)
Tower Members
Heber Alison. Mrs 
Llewellyn Gillian Mrs 
Reeves Val. Mrs 
Woodman Val Mrs 
Boyce Colin Mr 
Flack Roger Mr 
Graupner Mags Mrs 
Hemmett Graham Mr 
Haskins Don Mr (2000) 
Non members
Rosser Derek Mr 

Tower Alveston
No of Members 5
alvesto1.jpg (3768 bytes)
Tower Members
Cowie G. Mrs 
Tuck Tony Mr 
Francis Caroline Miss 
Hannah Miss 
Webster Jo Miss 
Webster Louise Miss 

Tower Bitton
No of Members 10
bitton.jpg (5722 bytes)
Tower Members
Jay Sue Mrs 
Leighfield John Mr  
Midgely Pete Mr 
Taysom Anne. Mrs 
Boulton Anne Mrs 
Perrett David. Mr. 
Taysom Henry Mr. 
Non members
Boulton Tony Mr 
Davis Rose Ms 
Gallop Chris Mr 
Gallop Marlene Mrs 
Gazzard Kath Mrs 
Gazzard Robin Mr 
Perrett Ruth Ms 
Watkins Liz Ms 

Tower Coalpit Heath
No of Members 10
coalpit2.jpg (10574 bytes)

Tower Members
Chapman Brian Mr 
Johnston Caroline Mrs  
Johnston Paul. Mr  
Stillman Mary. Miss 
Gillett F. George Mr  
Scudamore W.Fred. Mr 
Waters Tom. Mr 
Scudamore Samantha. Miss 
Non members
Scudamore Keith Mr 
Scudamore Elaine Mrs 
Scudamore Christian Master 
Chapman Bryony Miss 
Reed Colin Mr 
Jacomb Jenny Mrs 

Tower Doynton
No of Members
doynton2.jpg (8139 bytes)

Tower Members
Non members
Perryman Fred Mr

Tower  Dyrham 
No of Members  0
dyrham.jpg (9642 bytes)

Tower Members    0
Non members
Booth Marcus Mr #
Booth Tania Mrs #
Greef Chris Mr   #
Greef Gill Mrs   #
Smith Catharine Miss   #
Smith Christopher Mr   #
Smith Paul Mr  #

Tower Filton
No of Members 9

filton1.jpg (7145 bytes)
Tower Members
Arman Terri. Mrs
Gooding Chris Mr 
Haslum David. Mr 
Haslum Mary. Dr 
Marker Andrew Mr 
Welch Eddy. Mr
Welch Ruth Mrs
Lawrence Arthur Mr 
White James Mr 
Non members
Booth Dianne Mrs
Booth Rachel Miss 
Booth Victoria Miss 
Goodliffe Brian Mr 
Goodliffe Wendy Mrs 

Tower Frampton Cotterell
No of Members 10
framp2.jpg (4588 bytes)
Tower Members
Crisp Gary Mr 
Dawson Mary Mrs 
Jones Dennis Mr 
Shackleton Bryn Mr 
Shackleton Julie Mrs  
Non members
Alexander Phyllida Miss 
Dawson Len Mr 
Shackleton Mark Mr 
Shackleton Amanda Miss 
Willis Clare Miss  

Tower Frenchay
No of Members 13

frenhay2.jpg (4778 bytes)
Tower Members
Cause Edna Mrs 
Fox Richard Mr  
Hawkins Peter Mr  
Palmer Martin Mr  
Palmer Pauline Mrs  
Payton John Mr  

Tower Iron Acton
No of Members 1
iacton3.jpg (3828 bytes)
Tower Members
Non members
Wheeler Michael Mr  
Williams John Mr  
Williams Richard Mr  

Tower Mangotsfield
No of Members 8
stjamesmangotsfield2.jpg (14736 bytes)
Tower Members
Jefferies Anthony J. Mr  
Jefferies Clare Mrs  
Clark Sheila Mrs 
Price A.Ryan Mr  
Price E.H. Mrs 
Pearson Martin Mr 
Turner Sarah Miss 
Non members
Burgess Zoe Miss 
Curry Tom Mr 
Nash Terry Mrs 
Rees Rebecca Miss 

Tower Olveston
No of Members 11
olveston.jpg (6605 bytes)
Tower Members
Bain Jane Mrs 
Geissenger Isabel Mrs 
Jackson Julie. Mrs 
Plummer Sheila Mrs 
Williams A. Mrs 
Cairncross N. Mr 
Hemmett Felicity Mrs  
Robbins Arthur S.G. Mr  
Robbins June Mrs 
Non members
Alistair Mr 

Tower Pucklechurch
No of Members 4
pucklech.jpg (5983 bytes)
Tower Members
Williams Trevor. Mr  
Non members
Hanks Mike Mr 
Nowicki Guy Mr 
Nowicki Kim 
Rogers Kevin Mr 
Rogers Lyn Mrs
Whatley Keith Mr 
Willaims Alistair Mr
Williams Nicholas Mr 
Yates Alan Mr 

Tower Syston
No of Members 5
syston.jpg (6094 bytes)

Tower Members
Webb Angela Miss 
Wise Gill Mrs 
Non members
Angel Barry Mr 
Angel Brian Mr  #
Angel Lyn Mrs 
Gibbs Myra Mrs  
Sue Miss 

Tower Thornbury
No of Members 13
thornby.jpg (7215 bytes)
Tower Members
Clothier Norton Mr 
Shipp Robin Mr 
Thompson Robert Mr 
Usher Les Mr 
Bertram Alison Miss 
Usher Lizzy Miss 
Non members
Bird Jenny 
Harris Rachel 
McCarthy Catherine 

Tower Tytherington
No of Members 8
tyther1.jpg (7023 bytes)
Tower Members
Coward Phillip Mr. 
Heaven Steve Mr 
Johnson Fran Mr 
Johnson Val Mrs 
Williams Andrew R .Mr 
Williams Richard J. Mr 
Allen Bernard. Mr 
Williams R.A. Mr
Non members
Bennett Tony Mr 

Tower Wapley  
No of Members 2
wapley2.jpg (6091 bytes)

Tower Warmley
No of Members 5
warml2.jpg (9671 bytes)
Tower Members

Liebow Bill Mr 
Smith Derek Mr 
Wilkins Claire Mrs 
Lampard Bill Mr 
Lampard Rita Mrs  
Non members
Allen Alaine 
Clements Dave Mr 
Clements Helen Mrs
Evans Hugh Mr 
Mayo Tim Mr 
Mayo Karen Mrs 
Wheeler Sally 
Maurice Mr 

Tower Westerleigh
No of Members 7
wester.jpg (6653 bytes)
Tower Members

Coslett Dianne Mrs 
Hardwick Bryan Mr  
Hudd Sean Mr  
Lote Maggy Miss  
Blanchard Martin Mr 
Musty Chris Mr 
Ferris Bert Mr 
Non members
Fox Andy Mr # 

Tower Winterbourne
No of Members 12

winterb2.jpg (5995 bytes)

Tower Members
Holmes S. Mr 
Jefferies Brenda Mrs 
Massey A. Mrs 
Edwards Barbara Mrs 
Edwards David Mr 
Jefferies Terry Mr 
Non members
Seabridge Chris Mr 


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