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Striking Competition  Team 2009 and this years winners.

Photo's (by Fran Christiansen) of the band who rang  Arch's 'Bus Pass' Birthday Quarter (1260 Grandsire Triples) at Olveston on Sat 7th Feb. 
L-to-R:  Andrew Williams, Val Johnson, Matt Johnson, Arch Andrews, Jill Usher, Bryn Shackleton (C), Trish Donald, Philip Coward.
Two or three firsts: Matt's first triples, Val's first on eight, and  Jill thinks it may have been her first on eight as well, but isn't sure. After a restart, with a faster pace, the quarter went very well, and everybody declared Olveston be a pretty good ring actually 'when you get them moving a bit'.
An augmented band then repaired to 'The Ship' at Oldbury for beer and food


















Striking Competition Band 2000
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Striking Competition Winners table
Winners of the branch striking competition and in brackets the position in the Croome trophy, if the year is underlined their are pictures.

Thornbury 1968(5th)  1969(8th) 1970(5th) 1972(9th) 1977(10th) 1987(5th) 1989(3rd) 1999(7th)
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