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Westerleigh Striking Competition Team 2013 who entered the 2013 Association competition at Twying on the 13th April.
Hazel Bridges awarded a ringing Maters Clapper to Westerleigh.
Sorry the picture is not so good!!!!

Westerleigh Ringers who took part in the Croome Trophy at Coaley

April 17th 2010

The ringing Masters clapper awarded to Westerleigh for "a stately piece of ringing" quote from the
association Ringing Master Steve Coleman. (Coaley 2010)
Will get a better picture.
 Now have a better picture 18/05/2013.
Clapper awarded by Hazel Bridges Association Ringing Master on the
13/05/2013 at the Associatpon AGM at Tewkesbury.


Westerleigh Christmas Dinner 2009 to see a picture and article see the May 2010 newsletter

Striking Competition team 2009

Striking Competition Band 2000
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Martin Blanchard collects the Rural Branch striking competition trophy from Will Willans at Alveston on the 28th June 2003
and the winning team at Bitton in 2005
2003 winners westerleigh.jpg (26276 bytes)bitton_3.jpg (25210 bytes)
Westerleigh Striking Competition team 2007

Striking Competition Winners table
Winners of the branch striking competition and in brackets the position in the Croome trophy, if the year is underlined their are pictures.

Westerleigh 1996() 1998(8th)  2000()  2002(6) 2003() 2004() 2005(8) 2007(7) 2010()
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