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Striking Competition Winners table
Winners of the branch striking competition and in brackets the position in the Croome trophy, if the year is underlined their are pictures.
Frampton Cotterell 1978(6th) 1979(4th) 1981(3rd)  1983() 1988(7th) 1991(5th) 1992(10th) 1994(6th) 1995(7th) 1998(*) 2012() 2013() 2017(8) * Joint first with Westerleigh, who rang in the Croome trophy
Practice Nights Millennium Page Striking Competition

September 8th 2017
The Ecclesiastical at Frampton

June 6th 2017

Here is the missing bit! and the old and the new ready to be fitted less than two weeks than when it fell of (20/06/2017)
Pictures by Tony York.

Tuesday night practice and the number of bells ringable went down to 5 when the ball of the 6th clapper parted company
with the clapper arm. Gary is on the job! Pictures taken just after the thud was heard above, not very loud I am told?
Pictures by Gary Crisp.

2017 Striking Competition Entry
In 2017 Frampton replaced Westerleigh as the Croome Trophy Entry, Westerleigh were unable to field a team on the day! although not winning they were awarded a Ringing Masters Clapper see below!
The Team Gary Crisp Mary York Brian Angell Rosemary Morgan Lucy Bailey and Charlie Pro, held at Compton Abdale Cirencester branch on the 1st April 2017.

30/05/2015 Teach the Teacher a course on handling a bell on your own in two hours!

This course was last run in 2012 during the branch recruitment year!
 It was suggested that we run it again at the Tower Captains meeting in February. We were fortunate that a volunteer was available who had never handled a bell rope or rung a bell previously.
The Poster the student is holding is of a bell to show him what he is ringing at the end of the rope, sorry it is so reflective.
Picture of the student in the foreground with Steve Coleman the instructor, teachers and a couple of others who attended who are already being taught to ring but not in the two hour timeframe!
The student was ringing back and hand unaided and setting the bell in under two hours. (but not in rounds of course!) 







2013 Was the 50th Anniversary of the Frampton bells being rehung.
To celebrate this the tower members decided to create the "The Frampton 50" celebrations, when during 2013 50 quarter peals and two peals would be attempted. This was quite a daunting task, ringing at least one quarter a week, however this was duly achieved along with the two peals.
This is duly recorded in the Rural Branch newsletters and I will not dwell on it any more here. You can see the relevant newsletters click here or move down this page for more details click

From this year long event Frampton entered the G and B association "Tower of the year" competition and came second to a very good entry from
Kington St Michael in the Chippenham  branch who received the Bliss Trophy, with Frampton as runners up receiving the Littledean and Purton Trophy picture below, to see the Frampton entry click


What is it any Ideas?
Whilst Gary and I were working in the bells recently (May 2013) replacing the window mesh to keep the birds out, we had occasion to clear out one of the window ledges which was full of dirt, rubbish, and stone we found the old bottle in the picture below.
The bottle was originally we think covered with a straw cover, but whilst this was around the bottle it was quite rotten. We also found the piece of leather but have no idea what that is or was!











The Frampton 50
50 years since the Frampton bells were rehung, the Frampton ringers intend to ring 50 quarters during 2013 one for each year
to celebrate this!

If you would like to see all the quarters at Frampton including the Frampton 50 click  here and type "Frampton" or
"Frampton Cotterell" in the 'Place'  box! to see the people who rang in the quarter click the relevant quarter!

The First Quarter  in 2013

The Frampton 50 No 1
Frampton Cotterell
St Peter's
Tuesday, 1 January 2013
1260 Grandsire, Plain Bob and Reverse Canterbury
1Mary S. York
2Rosemary Morgan
3Sue Alexander
4Brian Angell
5Gary Crisp (C)
6Bryn Shackleton
For New year by a local band

  The Frampton 50 No 26
  Frampton Cotterell
  St Peter's
  Thursday, 23 May 2013
 1260 Grandsire Doubles
  1Mary S York
  2Fran Christianson
   3David Sansum (C)
  4Val Johnson
  5Brian Angell
  6Philip Coward
 To Celebrate Joan and Don Haskins Diamond wedding anniversary on this day.
Joan and Don with their congratulations card for 60 years from the Queen!



31st March 2013.
The 5th bells wooden block between the bell and the headstock is/was split, it probably needs replacing but in the short term,
Gary and Tony clamped it, stuck it with wood glue and secured it with quick release worm drive clips.
The 5th and the tenor are probably more exposed to the weather rather than the 1, 2, 3, and 4. It is remarkable that the wooden blocks which are
their to match the top of the bell to the headstock are still in such good condition considering it is 50 years since they were installed
The modern practice is to use a resin block rather than wood, which can be cast in situ, this  I believe was recently carried out at Filton on their bells?

Below the work in progress and above after the blocks and wood clamps removed.

Sunday 15th July bees invaded the clock chamber at St Peters.
The bees were gaining and had gained access via the clock fingers shaft from the outside
and built their nest in the cavity behind the clock gear box.
The box in the 4th picture contains the comb and about 25,000 -35,000 bees,.
with a lot more angry bees upstairs looking for their queen!

Striking Competition Team 2012 who won this year's competition.

Striking Competition team 2009 Kelston

2008 Striking Competition Team

Frampton Recently had a small accident, fortunately or unfortunately I was not there so I am not
fully aware of the circumstances except whilst Brian Angell was ringing the tenor  the clapper decided to part company with the bell and he says the rope stopped abruptly in front of his face. In the two pictures below you can see how the bell came to rest jammed against the wall with the clapper wedged into the wall and the bell resting on it. (Gary (Crisp) said it was a problem to know how to get it out of that position safely you can see how he achieved it.
The two pictures below are the result of the clapper coming out.. Needless to say Gary had a new clapper and it was reinstalled in a very short time and things were back to normal.

Frampton's walk about in September 2006 when we rang at Coalpit Heath, walked to Iron Acton and had a picnic lunch before ringing. Then walked back to Frampton along the Frome Valley path for ringing tea and cake in the church.

Dennis Orchard on his move to Clevedon








John Shepherd-Walwyn celebrating his 80th Birthday







January 1st 2000 12.00 ringers
framptonmilenniumringersone.jpg (33697 bytes)framptonnye.jpg (30996 bytes)

Striking Competition Band 2000
frampton.jpg (21255 bytes)
2003 frampton.jpg (26335 bytes)
Frampton Striking Competition team 2007

Den Jones passed away suddenly in November 2004
seen hear at the BBQ in 1999 at Phyl Livesy's house

group.jpg (8103 bytes)

Names left to right :-
Mark Shackleton, Bryn Shackleton, Amanda Shackleton, David Powell, Mary York, John Shepherd Walwyn,
Sue Powell, Danny, Gary Crisp, Tony York, Turk.

Names left to right :-
Henry Taysom, Mary York, Reg Driver, David Powell, Linda Drew, Bryn Shackleton

Names left to right :-
Tom Waters. Henry Taysom, Reg Driver, The dog, Hilary Coles, Gary Crisp, Jamie Fairchild, Dawn York, Leon Shackleton, Sheila Drew,
David Powell, Liz York, Linda Drew, Mary York (behind), Bryn Shackleton, Janice, Taysom.

Ringers at the rededication service of Frampton Cotterell bells October 8th 1963

Reg Driver      Robert Drew      Albert Drew     Arthur Curtis      Arthur Nelmes
                                                          Nigel Curtis       
frampton63.jpg (37382 bytes)

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