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Recently Frampton's muffles needed some TLC. The laces and straps had become
quite worn and soft over the years. The last time they had any work on them there was a stall in St Nicholas Market in Corn Street Bristol who was able to do the work, however when we went to see he had gone! Our next port of call was Pinkers at Iron Acton as they deal in all things equestrian and thought they might know a saddler, which they did. To cut a long story short we were told that Arch Andrews at Thornbury had some work done on his leather muffles by a chap in Thornbury. So off we went and he did the job, six new straps and six new laces for £35.00.    
So if you have leather muffles and they need some TLC as well why not try
"Lees Mend a Shoe" in Thornbury.
They can also stitch the body of the muffles that is what Thornbury had done!  
The picture is of one of the muffles before it was updated but it had been given a treatment with leather reviver.  


Association bell maintenance guidelines

Suggestions on lubricating plain bearings

Tower step repair  How we did it at Abson

The branch toolkit held by bell advisor Gary Crisp, it can be loaned to any tower who thinks it might need to use it.

Currently with Bell Adviser Gary Crisp






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Open Day at  Frampton June_11th 2011

For some reason I did not take many pictures until it was late
in the day, we were probably to busy with the visitors.

You can find a couple of articles on the open day in the
July 2011newsletter.










Poster Boards displayed at several libraries in the branch prior to the open day.
Filton  Library Board

All the boards were set up by Sue Liebow the branch press officer
with the help of her husband Bill.
In all cases the display material was produced by Sue Liebow and Sue Jay.
Many of the pictures are from the branch web site, and some taken especially
 to depict ringing by the branch secretary Tony York.
The branch map was kindly produced for the branch by John Davis of Wotton Branch.











Emerson's Green Library


















Emerson's Green Library Two


















Thornbury Library


















Thornbury Library two.



















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