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Syston 2019 See July 2019 Newsletter for an article. Pictures Chris Greef.

Abson 2018
For details of the 2018 BBQ see the July 2018 Newsletter.
For information the list of food tems for the BBQ provided by Linda Gittings

No BBQ in 2017

Syston 2016
A few pictures from the BBQ at Syston 2016.

Abson 2015 I am afraid there are probably no pictures this year as I did not manage toget to the BBQ.
Will try and get a report for the newsletter.
A list of the food used for the BBQ provided by Mary Taylor

Winterbourne 2014
Once again a succesful BBQ, a report in the August 2014 newsletter Click and pictures below.
The food and bits are listed for for future reference if you need it, provided by Linda Gittings and Chris Greef   


Abson 2013
Poster for 2013
Pictures from the 2013 BBQ which held thanks to the Taylor Family at Collins Farm Abson.
There will be a full report in the August 2013 newsletter.

Syston 2012
Poster for 2012

Pictures from the 2012 Branch Practice and BBQ at a very wet Syston on Saturdfay 23rd June 2012 see the August 2012 branch newsletter for a report  

Pictures above by the web master and Adrian Gittings.

Article see June_2011 Newsletter

Article see the June 2006 Newsletter

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Not many pictures as the weather was inclement and we had to meet inside at Brian Angels's house

Once again we were lucky with the weather for our now very popular annual BBQ following the Branch Practice Church service and Half yearly meeting, the sun shone throughout the afternoon and evenings events.
This year we were invited to Tytherington by Tower Captain Fran Johnson who along with Val arranged the afternoons events.
The BBQ tool place in Fran's parents garden and we are indebted to Alice and Ambrose Johnson for letting us use their splendid garden for the event.
We must also thank David and Fiona Gayther  friends of Val and Fran the expert BBQ'ists who burnt everything to perfection.
So I think it can be said that along with the beer and all the food not forgetting the alcoholic jelly provided by Anita Mathews, and a good time was had by all.
Below are a few pictures taken during the evening. They are not strictly in order.
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Half Yearly Meeting and BBQ at Alveston 1999

                                                    Half Yearly Meeting   Ringing, Service,  Meeting and Barbeque Alveston May 8th 1999

Many Thanks to Phil Livesy Tony Tuck and the Alveston ringers for an excellent afternoon and evening, especially to Tony and his assistant Chefs.
Not forgetting Paul Grainger-Allen for  conducting the ringing, the Rev'd   David Pole for taking the service and Glenis for playing the organ. and certainly not forgetting the Ringing Master Martin Blanchard who was in charge of the bar.
Finally to all those members of the branch who came along and supported the afternoon and evening.
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phil.jpg (5811 bytes)Phil Livsey who passed away in December 2001
a life long ringer at Alveston.






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