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Below are the books available at the present time from the branch secretary, email if you would like to purchase any of them, prices on request.
The branch also have a video and a DVD on ringing matters, if you would like to borrow either of them click on video or DVD

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The blue Diagram Book, the Blue Diagram book replaces the Red book which has been about for many years

I Currently I have 4 copies which are priced @ £12.00 each.
I currently have no idea why the cost shows a A before the £ sign on the web site?




Two New Books to loan email the secretary to borrow!

  Teaching Tips        The New Ringers Handbook

The Introduction book for new ringers 12copies    The Follow On Book  7copies 


Record your Progress 2 copies       Exercise Book 3 copies            

Ringing Circles
12 copies available @3.00 each
   Doubles and Minor 1 copy       


Beginners Handbook 6 copies             The Learning Curve 1 copy         

There are lots of other publications which can be found on the Central council web pages at                                                        

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