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Some of the pictures on this page were taken from Tower Base and taken by Geof Stickland with thanks.

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Hawkesbury Upton 8 Bells installed 2021




Information about the RH bell in the tower
With all letters ā€˜Sā€™ reversed, as at Dyrham. Ideally, I would like close-up photos of the 4 RHs together with the adjacent letters on either side to provide location identification, together with a close-up of the initial cross image. It would be nice to have some photos showing the distribution of the moulding wires & grooves, as you showed on your photos, as these items all help in the identification of the bell-founder or foundry, which in the case of Nettleton, is taken to be the Worcester Foundry during the period 1400 ā€“ 1420 A.D.

Stoke_Gifford  A Rural branch tower in name with  no bells and not generally listed as a branch tower?

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The Article below was found by Jamie Fairchild an ex ringer at Frampton Cotterell and passed to Gary Crisp who has given me a copy in the Cornerstone Magazine which is the journal of the SPAB (Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings) and is the alternate view or purports to be about the removal of  Horton's listed frame.
Many Thanks to Cornerstone Magazine and a John Lawrence for the picture.

Picture above taken by Alan Pidgeon

Carry on below left hand column



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