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               Index of popular events

The events list contains events from over the years and in general is maybe the only reference to them
So I thought I would bring the popular events together in the form of an index.
It will be added to as time goes on.
If you come back to this page from any other page instead of the events page scroll down.

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For all events please check the monthly Newsletter or email for information
There may be photographs associated with these events click on any blue underlined  date
Some of these pages have rather a lot of information and may take a little time to down load.


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Date Event To or Where
24/01/2020 Striking Competition 2020 Abbotts Leigh Poster click
30/12/2019 2020 Quiz Night Poster Click Iron Acton Pictures when available
24/08/2019 Branch Practice and Cream Tea Dyrham
22/06/2019 Branch Practice and BBQ (N0 pictures at this time)
Poster with the June Newsletter 2019
Syston for article see July 2019 newsletter click
How much did it cost this year Click
15/04/2019 2019 May Day Outing Herefordshire Welsh Borders
09/02/2019 Quiz Night Click for poster Iron Acton Village Hall
28/12/2018 Gary's Mince Pie Practice Frampton
16th September Gloucester Cathedral 2018 Gloucester Cathedral
18th August Dyrham August Practice and Cream Tea Poster Dyrham Pictures Click
09/06/2018 Joint Meeting with Wotton Branch Poster Tytherington and Thornbury
22/05/2018 Branch Practice and BBQ Poster Click Abson and Collins Farm   Pictures Click
08/02/2018 Branch Striking Competition click for poster Queen Charlton Bath Branch
07/08/2018 May day Outing Monday May 7th Herefordshire
20/05/2017 Branch Practice and BBQ Abson? and Collins Farm Abson again details later
03/03/2017 May Day Outing Poster avaialbale click date Swindon Area details see Newsletter
11/02/2017 Quiz Night 2017 Iron Acton
10/09/2016 Heritage Day at Winterborne Barn and Tower
10/11th September Lichfield mobile ring picture click
For article see October 2016 Newsletter
25/06/2016 Walk and Ring Clevedon Clevedon Program Click
21/05/2016 BBQ Syston
02/05/2016 May Day Outing Cotswolds Program Click
09/04/2016 Association  AGM, Penn and Croome Trophies. Cheltenham, the  Branch Entered both competitions see May 2016 Newsletter Click
19/03/2016 Striking Competition pictures Compton Dando
28/11/2015 AGM Westerleigh
04/07/2015 Annual joint event with Wotton Branch  more  information when received. Wotton Branch at Cromhall
27/06/2015  Walking Tour Branch Practice Program click the date.  Bath see June Newsletter Click published 23rd May
30/05/2015 Teach the Teacher Course, train someone to handle a bell in 2 hours! Steve Coleman Frampton Cotterell 09.45 - 12.15
16/06/2015 Branch Practice and BBQ 15.00 - late Abson and Collins Farm (No pictures)
04/05/2015 May Day Outing details in April Newsletter click
For the program and Menu for the day click
South Wales
23/04/2015 St Georges Day Local daytime outing. Program Click the  date, Lunch Menu at the Globe Frampton Click Frenchay Iron Acton  Frampton Abson Syston
31/03/2015 Tower Captain Meeting and updates St Peter's Frampton Cotterell 19.30
21/03/2015 2015 Striking Competition Corston Bath and Wells Association
14/02/2015 2015 Quiz Night Iron Acton Village Hall pictures
28/11/2014 AGM 2014 Pucklechurch
21/09/2014 Gloucester Cathedral Gloucester Branch Ringing click date for pictures>
09/08/2014 August Mini outing organised by the ringing master This Outing was cancelled during the day due to lack of support by branch members!
19/07/2014 BBQ and Joint practice with Wotton Branch Winterbourne and medieval Barn Poster
05/05/2014 Branch May Day Outing Wiltshire click date for program and see branch May Newsletter for latest Information
18/03/2014 St Georges Day local outing information web site and April newsletter click for article
15/03/2014 Branch Striking Competition Tortworh 14.00 - 17.00 see April 2014 Newsletter
15/02/2014 Tower Captain Meeting click for notes of the meeting Frampton Cotterell
08/02/2014 Branch Quiz Night Iron Acton Village Hall for poster click I forgot to take any pictures, see March Newsletter for article click
published 22nd February
23/11/2013 Branch AGM. All information for the AGM can be found at Click Filton on the 23rd of November starting at 15.00.
15/09/13 Gloucester Cathedral Ringing for info click Gloucester Cathedral 15/09/2013 for article in the October Newsletter click
17/08/2013 Invitation to Bristol Branch Outing Chew Vally August 17th for information see see poster click Article in the September 2013 Newsletter click
13/07/2013 Combined meeting with Wooton Branch Chipping Sodbury and Harwood Gate Farm Chipping Sodbury Common see July 2013 Newsletter click
for a couple of  pictures Click
22/06/2013 Branch Practice and BBQ Dyrham ringing and Abson BBQ
01/04/2013 2013 May Day Outing poster click the date Shepton Mallet Area
23/04/2013 St Georges Day  
16/03/2013 Branch Striking Competition North Nibley out of branch.
16/02/2013 Quiz Night Iron Acton Village Hall click date for poster For pictures click
16/09/2012 Gloucester Cathedral see September newsletter for details click Gloucester. Pictures will be available if taken
16/06/2012 Branch Practice and BBQ Syston
09/06/2012 Combined practice with Wotton Branch Poster Frampton Cotterell pictures 2012 click
14/03/2012 May Day Outing Poster Somerset for picturesclick here
23/04/2012 St Georges Day   ( tower outing) see April Newsletter See Poster Click    Lunch Menu click
17/03/2012 Branch Striking Competition see March Newsletter Cromhall Wotton Branch
12/01/2012 Quiz Night 18th February click date for poster Iron Acton Village Hall click for pictures
18/09/2011 Gloucester Cathedral Ringing Gloucester
16/07/2011 August Branch Practice and picnic Bathwick St Mary and Sydney Gardens Bath
16/07/2011 Open Day Abson tower for recruitment
25/06/2011 Iron Acton Fete Iron Acton Old Rectory
12/11/2011 Branch Recruitment open day.
The poster boards displayed in various libraries can be seen by clicking here. Iron Acton Stand 25th June Click
Frampton Cotterell see July 2011newsletter for article
19/05/2011 Combined practice Poster  with Wotton Branch June 4th pictures
30/04/2011 Train the Trainers Course Frampton Cotterell
29/04/2011 I rang for the Royal Wedding   Certificates to print and complete  
14/05/2011 Branch Practice and BBQ  click date for poster and info Abson and Collins Farm
02/05/2011 May Day Outing Chippenham Area
12/02/2011 Quiz Night   (Quiz Masters Filton) Westerleigh Village Hall
19/03/2011 Branch Striking Competition Abbotts Leigh
04/12/2010 Branch Practice and Carol Service report in January newsletters Warmley
27/11/2010 Branch AGM (No pictures) click the date to see the minutes Thornbury
21/08/2010 Visit to the Wills tower and combined branch practice with Bristol Branch Bristol and the Wills tower Park Street
23/04/2010 St Georges Day Ringing 2010 in Rural Branch See Poster
19/03/2010 May Day 3rd May 2010 program  Tetbury Cirencester Cricklade Area
20/03/2010 Striking Competition Wickwar 14.00 - 17.00 see pictures
19/02/2010 BAC 100 years Young Filton Quarter peal
13/02/2010 Quiz Night  (Quiz Night Poster) Syston Church Hall 19.00 - 22.30
14/12/2009 Carol Service 2009 Winterbourne and the hand bell ringers
30/11/2009 AGM at Bitton on the 28/11/2009 Bitton Pictures click the date
20/09/2009 Rural Branch ringing Gloucester Cathedral
19/09/2009 Training course Norwich Cambridge etc Frampton Cotterell
13/05/2009 Listening and Striking Wapley Saturday June 13th get the form click the date
16/05/2009 Branch Practice and BBQ (click date for poster) Abson and Collins Farm
25/04/2009 Association AGM Coalpit Heath pictures click the date
25/04/2009 Penn Trophy Picture of the rural branch team Warmley
04/05/2009 Branch May Day Outing for program click date Cheltenham Area article and picture in the June Newsletter
03/04/2009 Alveston pictures updated with the removal of a bell
from St Helen's Rudgeway/ Alveston
See Alveston photo page click the date.
15/03/2009 Branch Striking Competition Kelston Bath and Wells
07/03/2009 Branch Skittles Rose and Crown Frampton Cotterell
21/11/2008 Presentation to Paul Grainger Allen at the November
AGM at Mangotsfield.
Article in December 2008 newsletter
02/11/2008 Abson treble rededicated click the date for pictures Article in December 2008 Newsletter
21/09/2008 Rural Branch at Gloucester Cathedral 2008 Article in the October 2008 Newsletter and picture
06/08/2008 Casting Abson's new treble videos and pictures Whitechapel
05/05/2008 Mayday outing pictures The A38 North of Gloucester
07/4/2008 Branch Practice and BBQ Poster. Frenchay May 17th
12/04/2008 Sponsored cycle ride by Westerleigh ringers and friends in aid of the Abson treble appeal. Click the date for the poster and form for the sponsor 'form' Forest of Dean
17/03/2008 Mayday outing information 3rd April by car , click the date for information The A38 north of Gloucester
17/03/2008 Young Peoples Training day to see info click date To be arranged
15th March 2008 Branch Striking Competition. Marshfield



23rd September

Service Ringing Gloucester Cathedral 2007 Gloucester

10th February

2007 Striking Competition Warmley



24th September

Rural Branch at Gloucester Cathedral Gloucester Cathedral

9th September

Training Day Abson 09.30 - 12.00 for info contact Chris Greef
See bottom of the branch program for number

20th May

Branch Practice and BBQ Abson and Collins Farm

1st May

Branch Mayday Outing 2006 Frome Area

13th April

Monday 1st May  Tower List See List Click date (emailed to tower contacts and all branch email participants.

22nd April

Branch Training Day Frenchay

11th February

Branch Striking Competition Wapley

14th January

Kent Treble Bob training

Olveston and Almondsbury


10th July

Commemorate the end of WW2

From Central Council sent to email contacts.
For a poster

11th June

Rural Branch Open day

20 Towers in the branch open Dyrham to Bitton

14th May Half Yearly Meeting and BBQ see June 2005 newsletter Olveston and Felicity and Graham Hemmet's

2nd May 2005

May Day Outing Worcestershire Pictures to follow
12th February Branch Striking Competition Bitton
22nd January

Branch Dinner

Ramada Grange Hotel Winterbourne

2005 - -

11th December

Branch Carol Service Thornbury

27th November

AGM Coalpit Heath

15th May 2004

Half Yearly Meeting and BBQ click date  left and then the Newsletter to the right of HYM

Tytherington see June Newsletter for all the details

3rd May 2004 May Day Outing by car Click date for pictures, click
May Day above for article in the June Newsletter and
then picture to right of name.
Sidmouth Area ( link to details)


22nd November

Branch AGM


28th June 2003 Striking Competition Alveston
May 24th 2003 Half Yearly Meeting and BBQ Abson
May 5th 2003 Mayday outing Vale of Pewsey
January 25th 2003 BranchDinner Thornbury Golf Club


December 14 2002 Branch Carol Service


June 22nd Striking Competition Syston
May 25th Half Yearly Meeting BBQ pictures Iron Acton at Brian Angells

May  6th

Mayday Outing   2002


13/04/02 Pictures of the G & B AGM at Bristol Cathedral School
April 6th 2002 Quiz Night 2002 Assembly Rooms Downend
May 12th Branch Training Day Abson Stedman
January 26th Annual Dinner 2002 Kendleshire Golf Club


June 22nd 2001 Striking Competition Abson
May 26th Half Yearly Meeting and BBQ Tytherington 26/05/01 Iron Acton
May 12th Training Afternoon Abson
April  7th 2001 Branch Quiz Night Downend
January 28th 2001 Branch Annual Dinner Thornbury Page created 6th May 2001
December 9th Carol Service Winterbourne
November 11th AGM Pucklechurch


November 11th AGM Pucklechurch  
July - August 2000 Junior/Teenager training morning and activities every Wednesday throughout the school holidays Provisional   program circulated by Hilda Messenger to towers
June 10th 2000 Branch Striking Competition Frampton Cotterell
May 1st 2000 Branch Mayday Outing Avon Valley Wiltshire by coach
March 12th 2000 G & B Training Day Cirencester
January   22nd 2000 Annual Dinner Tracy Park Photopage
Jan 1st   2000 Millennium Ringing All ringable branch towers


Dec 12th 1999 Stedman Training Day Olveston
To make things easier I have reversed this table most recent event on top
May 3rd  1999 Branch Mayday Outing North Cotswolds by Coach
May 8th  1999 Half Yearly Meeting and BBQ at Alveston
June 12th  1999 Branch Six Bell Striking Competition and Picnic