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27/08/2022 Badge for the 70th anniversary of the Queens reign. pirchased by some branch members!
03/04/2022 Striking Competitions 2022 plus a picture of the Penn Tropy team
24/03/2022 Safe Guarding a further update
11/03/2022 April Farcited Day Out Program
10/03/2022 G & B Safeguarfding policy March 2022
19/12/2021 Branch AGM 2021 Minutes
29/11/2021 Branch Mangement changes updated.
25/11/2021 I found an obituary on the G & B website for Ryan Price, as no one sent it to me I am afraid I copied it!
01/11/2021 AGM Information Available
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22/12/2021 This page was created in 1997 when the Rural Branch web site was set up, apart from minor changes it has remained the same to this date.
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03/04/2022 Striking Competition pages or see Branch Affairs page.